Stevens The Hurdle Maker has many achievements under it's belt. Here are a few examples:

Chelsea Flower Show 2007 = Wattle hurdles will be on display as part of the Sparsholt College garden. The show takes place 22nd - 26th May.

Chelsea Flower Show 2006 = Supplied wattle hurdles to Chris Bird, lecturer of horticulture at Sparsholt College Hampshire. Sparsholt were awarded a gold medal for excellence.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2003 = Supplied wattle hurdles to both NCCPG Wisley Gardens and Sparsholt College Hampshire who were joinly awared a silver medal. Charlie Dimmock judged 6th best to view in entire show. Photos below:

Chelsea Flower Show 2003 = Supplied wattle hurdles to Sparsholt College Hampshire. The Queen praised the quality of the hurdles and garden. Photo below:

BBC Radio 4 for Gardeners Questiontime at Sparsholt College Hampshire.

Mike Fuller, director of BBC's Meet the Ancestors (Topical Productions TV Programmes).

Time Team, Channel Four.

Chris Stock, Stockbridge Warden for the National Trust.

Hebb Leeman of the Environment Agency at Colden Common.

Stevens The Hurdle Maker is sponsored by Hampshire County Council to help promote hurdle making and other rural crafts.

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