About Stevens The Hurdle Maker...

Stevens The Hurdle Maker is located in rural Hampshire and was established over 15 years ago. Specialising in hand crafting woven wattle hurdles from local hazel wood, Stevens also offers Continuous Weave, Stakes and Binders, River Faggots, Rose Arches, Pea Sticks, Spar Gads, Round Rods, Kindling and would welcome any special enquiry you may have. Erection and delivery service available.

Steven was trained to make hurdles by Jim Lane whose family have been making hurdles for over 300 years. The woodland where Steven works dates back to King Henry VIII, the coppice has been worked to this day. It was part of John O'Gaunt's hunting ground.

Stevens is a small company offering a honest, genuine service. All products are hand crafted in Hampshire using local materials and built to the highest quality with not only expertise but pride. Stevens wattle hurdles are made from hazel wood and split and woven into a panel. They are supported by a post at each end and wired to the post. They are durable and longlasting with an average lifetime of 8-12 years.

Wattle hurdles are ideal for fencing, screening, windbreaks and animal enclosures. Wattle hurdles can also be used in many other ways. But why should you use wattle hurdles? Here are just a few key points to consider:

They are able to make a garden warm because they let air pass through which stops wind burn.
They can be used for planting hedges in windy locations.
They will not blow over, again because the wind passes through them.
They are pleasing to the eye. Soft and blend in beautifully as if they have always been in the garden.
Planning departments will often not allow a tunnelised panel fence but will allow wattle hurdles.

The last point is really quite significant. Landscape and garden designers are now incorporating wattle hurdles more and more in their designs.

As you will read in the Achievements section, Stevens The Hurdle Maker have supplied hurdles at several large events.

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